Ecobank Zambia contributes ZMW500,000 to Ministry of Health to fight COVID-19

Ecobank Zambia contributes ZMW500,000 to Ministry of Health to fight COVID-19

Ecobank Zambia has contributed ZMW500,000 to the Ministry of Health towards the fight against COVID-19. It has also removed fees on transfers to MTN Money and Airtel Money on transfers of up to ZMW200 to encourage its customers to use digital platforms and remit money via contactless transactions. Ecobank Zambia has increased the daily transaction limit to ZMW20,000 on mobile banking.

Ecobank has donated a total of US$3 million to 35 African countries across its footprint to combat COVID-19.Mr. Gabriel Mwami, Country Risk Manager of Ecobank Zambia said: “COVID-19 is a major threat to everyone around the world and it is essential that we all take the steps necessary to help prevent its spread in Zambia. We hope that the donation of ZMW500,000 to our Ministry of Health will help them acquire the necessary hospital equipment such as testing kits, masks and ventilators to help combat this virus.”

Ecobank is committed to the safety of its staff and customers and is following guidance from the WHO, governments in countries where it has offices, and health agencies in implementing best practice for its employees and customers. It has suspended all non-essential business travel and cancelled physical meetings, replacing them with virtual meetings. Staff and customers no longer shake hands as a greeting and must stay at least 2 metres apart. Regular hand washing with soap and water and alcohol-based hand sanitisers is mandatory. The bank has limited the number of people that can enter its branches at one time. It carries out temperature checks at all premises and branches and tellers and front office employees wear face masks and gloves and maintain a 2 metre distance.

Staff do not exchange phones or equipment with customers when carrying out transactions and regularly wipe down equipment and surfaces with disinfectant wipes. All Xpress Point agents have been asked to carry out the preventative measures implemented in branches.
Ecobank’s ATMs and call centres remain open and it offers the full range of banking services via its digital platforms. Consumer Bank customers can use Ecobank Mobile App & Ecobank Online Commercial Bank customers can use Ecobank Omni Lite Corporate and Investment Bank customers can use Ecobank OMNI.


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