Passport application

It is notified for public information and action that the Government of the Republic of Zambia has introduced digitized Machine Readable Passports. Applicants below the age of ten (10) years will be eligible to apply for separate passports, which will be valid for 5 years. Passport Application Procedures is as follows:

Submit your request for passport application forms by e-mail to: or by mail to:
Permanent Mission/Embassy of the Republic of Zambia,
17-19 Chemin du Champ d`Anier,
1209  Petit Saconnex,
Geneva, Switzerland.

Required details:
          - Applicant's name in full,  
          - Date of Birth,          
          - National Registration Card Number, and         
          - Mailing Address.  

Upon receipt of request for passport application/renewal forms, the Permanent Mission / Embassy will mail you the banking details for payment of application fees. On receipt of proof of payment, the Permanent Mission/ Embassy will send you Passport Application package. Included in the package will be an Application Instruction page.

  1. Submission of Passport Application Forms should be accompanied by proof of payments as listed below:
    1. 32-Page Passport CHF 110.00
    2. 48-Page Passport CHF 150.00
    3. Travel Document of Identity CHF 20.00

Other Fees:

    1. Penalty Fee for a Lost Passport - CHF25.00
    2. Penalty Fee for Travel Document of Identity CHF 15.00
    3. Replacement of a lost 48-Page Executive Passport - CHF 125.00
    4. Replacement of a lost 32-Page Regular Passport CHF 110.00

For more information, please e-mail your requests to: In the subject box, enter Zambian Passport” and address your e-mail to the Attention: Consular Section.

Pending Applications

  1. Send an e-mail requesting a status update to In the subject box, write "Passport status update". In the body of the e-mail, include the following details:
    1. Applicants name in full,
    2. Date of submission and receipt number, and
    3. Applicant's telephone number
  2. For applicants who should send additional payment, should make payment through Permanent Mission Bank Account and send proof of payment of the difference to the Permanent Mission to Attention:

        Consular Section,
        Permanent Mission / Embassy of the Republic of Zambia,
        17-19 Chemin du Champ d`Anier,            
        1209 Petit Saconnex,
        Geneva, Switzerland.

Follow-up should be by e-mail only. E-mail to