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Welcome to the website of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Zambia to the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Geneva and Vienna. Although the Mission is based in International Geneva, it also doubles as an Embassy and Consulate accredited to the Confederation of Switzerland.  Established in 1993, twenty-nine years after joining the United Nations in October, 1964, the Mission focuses on multilateral engagement and cooperation with the United Nations, its entities and specialized agencies, as well as other international organizations headquartered and represented both in Geneva and Vienna. In addition, it is accredited to the World Trade Organization in pursuit of Zambia's economic and trade interests.  

The Permanent Mission is responsible for representing Zambia in international meetings on a wide range of issues, from human rights to humanitarian affairs, from health to Information Technology and from Environment to disarmament. While preserving Zambia's interests, the Mission also contributes to creating a sense of belonging between and among United Nations Member States and consolidates Zambia's place as a member of the international community as well as a key player in creating a peaceful and secure world. It acts as a link between Zambia and the outside world, including between Government agencies in Zambia and the United Nations as well as other specialized agencies in Geneva and Vienna.

This website is designed to provide you with information about Zambia in general and areas of specific interest provided through links to more detailed information on sectors such as: Commerce, Mining, Immigration, Visas, Tourism, Energy, Investment, as well as the Zambian Constitution and Parliamentary affairs.  

It is, therefore, my sincere hope that you will find the information on this website useful and inspirational while giving you with a better understanding of Zambia's views and positions regarding the many issues now confronting the international community. We will welcome comments or suggestions regarding the website and the information contained therein.

Her Excellency, Ambassador Eunice M.Tembo Luambia