Zambian Nationals Evacuated from Sudan Arrive in Lusaka

Zambian Nationals Evacuated from Sudan Arrive in Lusaka

Eleven Zambian nationals based in Sudan have today arrived in Lusaka, following their evacuation out of that country through Ethiopia.

Eight of the evacuees arrived at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka at 12:30 hours while three others arrived earlier in Lusaka at 01:20 hours.

In welcoming the evacuees, Ms. Hope Situmbeko, Permanent Secretary (Administration) for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, stated that the Government has been working tirelessly to ensure the safe return of its nationals, following the ongoing conflict in the Republic of Sudan.

Ms. Situmbeko emphasised that Government, through its Embassies in Addis Ababa, Cairo and Riyadh, closely monitored the movements of other Zambians who were evacuated from Sudan by their respective employers, consisting the United Nations and other international organisations.

The Permanent Secretary, however, regretted that while two nationals remained in Khartoum, arrangements were being made for their movement out of the country by their respective employers.

Ms. Situmbeko confirmed that the Government has accounted for all the known Zambians in Sudan and assured that the Embassy in Addis Ababa stands ready to assist any other Zambians that might reach out for help, who may not have registered.

The Permanent Secretary took the opportunity to call upon all Zambian nationals living abroad to register with the nearest Zambian Embassy or High Commission to enable the Government account for them, should the need arise.

And speaking on behalf of the evacuated Zambians, Mr. Guy Kayabwe expressed deep gratitude to the Zambian Government for facilitating their safe return to Zambia from Sudan.

Mr. Kayabwe was pleased that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, through its Mission in Addis Ababa, had been in regular contact with the Zambians in Sudan from the time the conflict broke out, to the date of final evacuation to Zambia.

Mr. Kayabwe was elated that the Embassy Staff were on hand to receive the Zambian nationals as they crossed over from Sudan into Gondar, Ethiopia and was grateful that the Embassy provided all relevant logistical support and other requirements until their departure.

Mr. Kayabwe expressed hope for a cessation of hostilities to ensure that peace quickly returns to the Republic of Sudan.


Zambian Nationals Evacuated from Sudan Arrive in Lusaka